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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

BRIDGE,Chicago & Madison and LUCKY's apt

Andrea,Sydney and I. Triangle of BRIDGE partners.

Carolina and I talking about something interesting.
Sydney helping me out
BRIDGE = no alcohol
awesome people
Spaniards and I
I'm a gentleman, as always
group squeeze
Sydney,Vinoad and Ashley
Vinoad & Alexandra
Alvin & I
My BRIDGE wife & I
Sydney,Erika & Vinoad
Erika definitely taller than Andy and Vinoad
Lunch buddies

Erika again, taller
Dance lessons
Ginger and Erika
I don't like this dude getting close to Sydney

Cute Japanese girls
Ginger & Matt
Ginger & Matt
Erika is awesome
Fernie was learning too : )
Syd & I
Alexandra & I (different one)
Ginger with blood rushing to her head
Great pose by BRIDGE mates
Lovely huh?
however, at the end of the day, no one wanted to dance with Sydney...aww...

First of all, there were a few events under BRIDGE that I did attend. The sad part of life was that I missed out on many BRIDGE events cuz most of them were held unfortunately for me, a day before my exams. Consistently, I had to skip BRIDGE events cuz of Psych exam. I did remember going to one of the BRIDGE events where they combined Valentine's day and Chinese New Year's celebration by doing some card making event.

In addition to that, I can't recall very well whether it was before that Valentine' CNY event or after where I sort of participated in the free lessons of Waltz given by Erika,Ginger and Matt.
It was my first time dancing like in a formal and civilized way and yeah, I had a good time.

A week before Spring break by the way, I went for a day trip to Chicago with the BRIDGE people and many more international students...We sort of spent the majority of our day in the Field Museum. An interesting fact that I gained was that the Chicago Field Museum is the 3rd largest in America. We couldn't do much outdoor activities cuz the weather was bad.We were attacked by heavy snow and wind.

Oh yeah, for those of you who don't know, I REPEAT, only for those of you who do not know, Chicago is known as the WINDY CITY. It definitely was/still is bloody windy.

Anyways, above were the pictures from the BRIDGE events including a few pics from the Waltz dancing lessons+ a few pics from the after party at Luis' house(after the outdoor hockey game at Camp Randall)

#pictures from the Chicago Trip, I shall post another time cuz right now its 3.28pm, and Aida finishes work at 3.30pm and we're gona go for lunch cuz I'm hungry. So, Chicago can wait : )

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cheeseballs IN BRAZIL & 7 languages of HAPPY BIRTHDAY

This post is just part of my compensation for all the lack of post (again..)...
Once upon a time, Dimas (Brazilian awesomeness), A GREAT GUY who invited us to his place to celebrate his birthday and also make cheeseballs. He was a lucky guy cuz 'we' sang the 'happy birthday song' to him in 7 languages...English, German, Spanish, Greek, Japanese, Malay, and Mandarin, I think...
It was a great day cuz I met even more new people from different parts of the world..The beer was nasty for me, honestly...at that time, I was confused, thinking maybe the reason I don't want to drink beer is cuz I'm physically allergic to it...However, that wasn't true...don't worry... : )

PS: The Japanese failed to perform their version of the song but due to political reasons, I still had to mention it. ARIGATO.

Almost 40days since my last update....

Its been almost 40days since my last blog update...Honestly, I don't really mind cuz I personally feel that its a great sign cuz it proves that I have been too busy with things and I had no time to update my blog, or it could also accurately mean that I'm too lazy to update anything...So, for the lack of update...I'm gonna try to put a few posts here...

First one as you can see above, the HOCKEY GAME...
There was an OUTDOOR hockey game organized in Camp Randall Stadium (actually a football stadium for those of you who do not know) on 02/06/2010.
As I have family ties in Michigan, it was so cool to watch the game cuz it was between the Badgers and Wolverines from Ann Arbor, Michigan, we won 3-2.
But, I won't hide the truth, everyone started leaving after the 2nd half cuz it was too cold...My legs were getting numb and we couldn't feel our fingers..We settled back home in Regents with awesomely delicious Hot Chocolate prepared by Clementine, our royal French Queen : )

outside Camp Randall

People heading to Camp Randall from Lucky's Bar & grill

So systematic and organized


Lovely Cheeseheads

My moment of capturing the moment was captured

Thanks Ashley, most of the pictures are from your facebook : )

They built an ice skating rink in a freaking football stadium.Speechless.

I'm trying to lick Florian

Florian trying to lick himself

King Fernando

A small group picture cuz we lost some of the others to the cold weather

# First sporting event for me in Madison. Yeah, weather was a pain, but it was awesome to watch it with people you care and enjoy spending time with. Plus, to watch Wisconsin vs Michigan, woot!! It was awesome and I'm sure gonna pay more visits to Camp Randall in the future especially for football in fall when the weather will be much better : )